Her Husband's Aide

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Thinking that no marriage was perfect, Nadine withstood Don's barbs, dismissive attitudes and complete inattention. But when he gave no zero thought to what Nadine really wanted, Don didn't realize he was opening up a window into which his young, smooth aide slipped in to offer Nadine things her husband was lacking...


"Let me come to your room tonight.
"I can give you what you want."
This time the spasm that I felt was real and I was breathing hard when I stammered, "What... I don't know what you mean."
"I overheard your argument, Mrs Allen," he said, his voice low and sober even though his eyes were hungrily staring at my lips.
I closed my eyes, humiliation rushing through even though I knew I had no reason to feel that way.
"Mr Allen doesn't want to check himself up, you don't want to employ artificial means," he laid it out, his voice still perfectly calm as he laid out my personal issue, my marital problem... "I can be your alternative."
"You are crazy."
"You have that effect on men."
I scoffed but my body was trembling in his arms as he squeezed my wrist gently. "Your body won't be invaded by strange instruments or chemicals... just a night of pleasure."
"You are insane...!" I shuddered, thinking I must be insane myself because I was wet at the idea, my body reacting to what he was saying. "You think once the baby comes my husband won't notice?"
"Notice what?" he countered. "You might have forgotten, Mrs Allen, but I am a distant relative. We share physical features."
I swallowed. He was right. Both Lucas and Don had regular features, very good looking — high cheekbones and dark hair. Don had brown eyes though, and Lucas green but then again my eyes were green as well so... I shook myself. -What the hell, Nadine.-
"You have really given this a thought."
At least he had the grace to blush at that. But then he inclined his head, a gesture I was fa

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