Forgetting Himself (Medical Bimbo Transformation): Doctor cum Bimbo

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September 2014



Doctor Rex Thomas was a cougar favorite and he took lengthy measures to make sure everything was above board with him and his many older, female patients. It was a little unfortunate that he should then fall for a patient, one who was married to boot. Everything should be all right though; he was a professional and demure Adelaide Holden would never cross the line. Until a little science pushed in and Dr Thomas forgot himself...


Then I remembered something I heard about a week ago. A type of drug had been making round at several hospitals, one that most agreed to be harmless but had a severely embarrassing effect. If I remembered correctly the person who took The Drug would lose most inhibitions and more importantly would be... ah, very indiscreet.
Flustered, I tried thinking of how to tell Mrs Holden this, ending up giving her a heavily filtered account while trying to tell her to leave me.
She looked slightly alarmed and actually touched me again, gingerly placing a hand on my forehead, her self consciousness flaming her face with the most becoming shade of red.
I dropped my gaze and pulled away after a polite interval, telling her I felt fine even though I had started to feel heat traveling through my body.
"Listen, Mrs Holden, I'll be all right. You should just leave me here."
She bit her lip. Christ, she really shouldn't do that, I could feel my blood starting to boil.
"But Doctor, you really don't look good. I'll just get you a cup of water...?"
"No!" In my haste to stop her, I did something I shouldn't have done. I reached out and touched her, grabbing her by the wrist.
Oh man, she had the most delicate wrist. I knew how it felt of course, I had held her wrist countless of times but... Her skin felt warm under my feverish hand and my eyes were glued to the sight of her hand, marveling at it as I feasted on the sight of our fingers being entwined.
She stood rooted t

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