Doctor Oh, Doctor (Medical Erotica Bundle) 3 in 1 Collection

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Oktober 2014



This is a compilation of previously released titles: Under Doctor's Orders, The Doctor's Bimbo and Forgetting Himself.
Three professional doctors went about their business as usual, a little brusque, a little gruff but strictly above board-until they met that one patient who stirred something inside, something that smirked and goaded and said to hell with codes and professional conducts...
All her life Emma knew there was one thing she wanted more than anything else in the world. Just as she was about to get it, her boyfriend of three years left her, leaving her hanging, her dreams slipping out of her fingers. Little did she know handsome Dr Michaels was more than willing to help her get what she wanted.
Hannah Blanchett would dearly love to save her marriage but why did it have to be Doctor Sinclair who was the one qualified to help her? She had never spoken of her attraction to him, indeed it was nothing, nothing at all. Curse her luck that the handsome doctor with his deep green eyes and dark hair and long, lean body should be the one helping her with her personal inhibitions...
Doctor Rex Thomas was a cougar favorite and he took lengthy measures to make sure everything was above board with him and his many older, female patients. It was a little unfortunate that he should then fall for a patient, one who was married to boot. However - he was a professional and demure Adelaide Holden would never cross the line. Until a little science pushed in and Dr Thomas forgot himself...

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