Cougars and Cubs: 3 in 1 Collection

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März 2014



The three women knew better than to touch the charming, good looking young men they were attracted to. It should be easy for Lana to ignore her roommate; for Audrey to stay away from her student; for Nina to not be anywhere near her best friend's son.

It should be but as life would have it, it turned out temptation always came too close, burning a little too hot...

(Previously published separately as 'Giving In to Desire', 'Lust: An Education', and 'Playing Simon Says')


"Callum - we mustn't..."
"Doesn't count," he breathed between kisses. "Just a congrats kiss... it doesn't count."

No, it doesn't, Lana thought, arching her back as soft, warm kisses found their way down her jaw and neck. His hands were sliding slowly down her curves, squeezing gently as he pressed his lips against the underside of her jaw.

Warm, delicious tongue started its path down her sensitive neck and Lana held her breath until she couldn't take it anymore. "Cal..."

The next thing she knew her wrists were up high over her head, locked under a tight grip as hungry mouth closed on her throbbing lips.

Whimpering, she opened her mouth for him as strong chest pressed close to her own. More biting followed and she arched her back, heat rising up her chest and neck when she felt his strong frame trapping her, hard and 

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