Blinded (MC Group Erotica) The Lucifer's Circle Collection

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Juli 2014



Cat Teasdale knew her hobby could turn dangerous. Not that playing pool could pose that much of a threat — it was choosing The Lucifer's Circle club to play in that was not wise, at all. Not wise that she kept egging on one of the owners, Deacon Hunter, and raising the stakes until the odds overwhelmed her...


I didn't feel nervous up until the time Deacon closed the door behind us and pulled me to him.
His grip was a lot stronger than my fantasy and I bit back a moan when I felt his muscles flex against my curves, pressing me to the back of the door as his mouth took mine under a heated kiss.
Big, indecent hands were already cupping and squeezing me and I let out a ragged breath when Deacon bit my throbbing lip, moaning as he slid his tongue in, feasting and indulging himself. His tongue felt heavy and moist against my own, pressing hard and relentless and I found my body melting on his chest, helpless as he dragged me to the bed.
My back arched when he mounted me as soon as my back hit the mattress. Oh God, he was so heavy and muscular... I had always known him to be strong but I didn't know just how delicious his muscles could feel on top of me. He had always seemed mostly lean and long — I moaned again when he pressed closer, his tongue tangling with mine, wet and slow.
I jerked and tried to sit up when something slipped over my eyes and blocked my vision. Strong hands quickly seized my wrists and pushed me back, warm lips coaxing me to kiss him again.
"It's not part of the deal," I managed, my blood simmering with heat as moist mouth found its way down my neck. It was difficult to breathe under Deacon's delicious body and my brains had all but shut down as his hands had their way with my curves.
"That'll teach you to bet with a biker, darling," he purred against my mouth before dipping in for another rough kiss. "We play dirty."

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