Bimbofication: Triple Threats 3 in 1 Collection

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Juli 2014



Three reserved individuals told themselves it was not the wisest move to act on the attraction they themselves deemed inappropriate. Common sense warring with lust could go either way, but what if a little science gave things a little nudge?
This is a compilation of previously released titles: A Bimbo for Her Student, Accidental Bimbo, and The Bimbo's Hattrick.
Mona knew she screwed up big time when she let her handsome student Matsunaga did what he had done to her. It was wrong and would definitely jeopardize her career - but she did let him touch her and enjoyed it. Maybe a little too much. The only thing to do now was to make sure she would never let herself lose control again...
With plenty already on her plate, landlady Cara didn't think she should care about flings or involvements. Of course, her outrageous BFF found out she couldn't take her eyes off one of her tenants, the much younger, shy Aaron. Urged to seduce the young man, Cara recoiled at the mention of a 'self confidence' pill her best friend recommended. Things went awry when it was not Cara who took the pill.
Journalist Holly Munro got her dream assignment, interviewing a national football... oh all right, soccer team on the evening they might secure a big victory. A fan of the sport, she was also a professional, so of course she would not listen to her wild neighbor's suggestion to make a move on the hot players. She didn't know indeed that once victory's theirs, the players might have their own ideas.

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