Targeted Delivery of Pesticides Using Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles

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November 2013



The brief is the first to focus exclusively on environmentally friendly delivery of pesticides (controlled-release nanoparticulate formulation of pesticides using biodegradable polymers as carriers). The brief also introduces pesticides like Chlorpyrifos and biodegradable polymers like guar-gum. The brief will be extremely useful to the researchers in the field of agrochemicals and will be equally useful for advanced professionals in the field of biology, chemistry, environmental biology, entomology and horticulture.


World-wide Pesticide Use.
Pesticide Application in India.
Food Contamination and Wastage by Insects.
Pesticide Formulations.
Trends and Limitations in Chemical-based Pest Management.
Biological Control of Insect Pests.
Management of Insect-pests Using Nanotechnology as Modern Approaches.
A Brief Overview of Nanotechnology.
Nanoparticulate Delivery Systems.
Nanoparticulate Formulations for Pesticide Applications.
Characterization and in vitro Release Techniques for Nanoparticulate Systems.



Prof. Subho Mozumdar, PhD (State University of New York at Buffalo) is currently Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Delhi. Widely heralded today as a leading figure in Indian nanotechnology, Prof. Mozumdar returned to India in 1998 after postdoctoral work with Prof. Larry Grossman at Johns Hopkins University. His work has resulted in multiple patents that have been bought by leading companies. He has published in leading journals in the field. In recognition of his discoveries, he recently became the Academic Editor of Plos One.
Arnab De, M.A., M.Phil, is currently a PhD candidate at Columbia University Medical Center. Before this, he was at Indiana University, Bloomington where he worked with Prof. Richard DiMarchi (Standiford H. Cox Professor of Chemistry and the Linda & Jack Gill Chair in Biomolecular Sciences) to develop peptide-based prodrugs as therapeutics for diabetes. The work with Prof. DiMarchi resulted in two patents (licensed by Marcadia Biotech, recently acquired by Roche) and multiple publications in peer reviewed journals. He presented his findings in the American Peptide Symposium 2009 and received the Young Investigator's Award. He subsequently came to Columbia University where he is developing transgenic mice to serve as potential models for autoimmune diseases.
Rituparna Bose, PhD (Indiana University, Bloomington) is currently an adjunct Assistant Professor at the City University of New York and has been interviewed as an expert in the field of biodiversity by the Times of India and Statesman, Calcutta (leading news daily in India). She serves in the Editorial Boards of multiple well known journals and is an Editor of Acta Palaeontologica Sinica (published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences) and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Environmental Protection.
Ajeet Kumar was a graduate student with Prof. Subho Mozumdar at the University of Delhi, India.

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