Tales of the City Episode 3: Romance in the Rink

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Februar 2012



Episode 3: Romance in the Rink

In which Mona loses her job and DeDe attends a less-than-polite society lunch. Michael bumps into an attractive gynaecologist on the skating rink and finds a famous conductor at the steam rooms.

Welcome to Tales of the City. San Francisco 1976: a golden city of freedom, adventure and possibility. But, as naïve small-town girl Mary Ann finds out, it can be hard to find your place in a strange new city - especially when the supermarket is a pick up joint and a Jockey Shorts dance contest can make or break a relationship. Luckily for Mary Ann, she finds the perfect home at 28 Barbary Lane where the dysfunctional residents form an unconventional family of waifs and strays. Mona the cynic, Michael 'Mouse' Tolliver the romantic looking for love and DeDe the jaded debutante, all watched over by the eccentric and mysterious Anna Madrigal.

Get addicted to these characters in six short, funny and heartbreaking episodes.


Armistead Maupin
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