Feeding on the Bread of Life

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Juni 2015



Every three years, in Year B of the Sunday Lectionary cycle, we interrupt Mark's gospel to turn for five weeks to the Gospel of John and Jesus' "Bread of Life" discourse. In Feeding on the Bread of Life, Fr. Anthony Oelrich invites preachers and pray-ers to explore more deeply what it means to see and not see, to eat and believe. Along the way, we discover in Christ Jesus all we hunger for and thirst after. In this rich homiletic resource, Fr. Oelrich reflects on the texture, complexity, and layers of the mystery of Jesus, the Bread of Life. Never again will priests and deacons "run out" of fruitful directions to explore John 6 with the people they serve during the unique five-week period of Year B, and other readers will appreciate the new windows into the chapter that Oelrich opens up.

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Untertitel: Preaching and Praying John 6. Sprache: Englisch.
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