Traditions Ceramiques Dans La Boucle Du Niger

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November 2012



The question of links between material cultural and sociocultural meaning remains a challenge in archaeology. In this book, Anne Mayor proposes a tool for archaeological interpretation in the area of ceramic studies, capable of addressing questions of ethnolinguistic identity and the settlement history in the Niger Bend, West Africa. Three approaches have been employed: Ethnoarchaeological: The study of modern variability in pottery enables the selection of relevant descriptive criteria; Historical: The synthesis of available data clarifies the historical depth of ethnic groups and the processes responsible for their formation; Archaeological: The analysis of excavation data indicates the spatiotemporal distribution of ceramic traditions. The correlation of synchronic and diachronic data enables her to construct a model for the development of ceramic traditions over the last two millennia, in relation to ethnolinguistic units. Application to the excavation of Dangandouloun (Dogon Country, 7th-12th centuries AD) demonstrates the effectiveness of the approach in the interpretation of regional protohistoric sites, and initiates a new approach to the study of the history of techniques and human settlement.


Preface; Preface; Avant-propos; Foreword; Remerciements; 1 Introduction;
1.1 Problematique et objectif du travail; 1.2 Contexte methodologique; 1.3 Contextes administratif et scientifique; 1.4 Contexte geographique; Summary; 2 Les donnes synchroniques : l'ethnoarcheologie;
2.1 Etude de la variabilite actuelle de la ceramique dans le delta interieur du Niger; 2.2 Les regularites et mecanismes utiles a l'interpretation archeologique; Summary; 3 Les donnes diachroniques : l'histoire;
3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Bilan historique des formations etatiques precoloniales; 3.3 Bilan ethnohistorique ou la dynamique des peuplements humains; 3.4 Synthese; Summary; 4 Les donnes diachroniques : l'archeologie;
4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Chronologie et caracterisation des occupations humaines; 4.3 Synthese; Summary; 5 Vers une histoire culturelle des traditions ceramiques;
5.1 L'expression materielle des identites; 5.2 Vers une histoire culturelle des techniques de faconnage; 5.3 Vers une histoire culturelle des principaux decors roules; 5.4 Bilan; Summary; 6 Une exemple d'application : l'abri-sous-roche de Dangandouloun;
6.1 Le site et la fouille; 6.2 Le materiel archeologique; 6.3 Les repartitions stratigraphique et spatiale du materiel; 6.4 Les interpretations fonctionnelles; 6.5 Les interpretations culturelles; 6.6 Conclusion; Summary; 7 Conclusion generale; Summary; Postface; Postface (English); Bibliographie; Annexes; Planches en couleur.


Anne Mayor is scientific collaborator of the laboratoire Archeologie et Peuplement de l'Afrique in the Anthropology Unit of University of Geneva, and Honorary research fellow at the School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental studies of University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.


"This volume is certainly a rich resource for scholars working in a variety of disciplines within this region, and a model of the potential afforded by similar research on ceramic traditions past and present elsewhere in Africa." Barbara Frank, Stony Brook University, USA
[Quelle: Journal of African Archaeology, vol. 10 (2), 2012]
"This ambitious volume is a welcome socially oriented study of ceramics that presents a series of new directions possible in West Africa as a result of integrating the increasing range and number of analysed archaeological datasets and systematic ethnoarchaeological studies with modern approaches to material culture research." Stephen Dueppen, University of Oregon, USA
[Quelle: Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa, vol. 47 (3), 2012]
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