A Satyr Downunder

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Februar 2014



Adult fantasies, sensual pleasures, temptation and hints of magic. Darien the satyr lives for them. Followed his adventures Downunder for a reduced price - buy the bundle!

A Satyr in Sydney: Ancient satyr, modern girl.
She shuns pleasure and keeps herself locked tight
Minty is an art-historian and an all-work-no-play kind of girl. Relationships don't interest her. There's no time for them, not if she's to complete her studies and do well at her career. She doesn't want a boyfriend and she's not up for casual encounters either. But everything changes when she accidentally frees Darien, the satyr from ancient Greece. He lives for seduction and Minty is in his sights.

He has a key unlike any other
Darien is devastatingly handsome, skilled in the bedroom and gives pleasure like no-one on earth. The trouble is his other side. The satyr-side.  If he doesn't keep it hidden he'll lose his freedom but passion brings it out. Especially his passion for Minty. After all, she's the one who called him across the centuries. And he has something for her. A magical, sensual experience - the satyr's gift. It's what he's made for.

Outback Satyr

Mythical creature, erotic adventures.
Darien is a devastatingly handsome, pleasure-loving satyr who can take human form, but it's not enough to keep him safe. So his friends send him into the wilderness of Northern Australia, a far-away land of cowboys and cattle stations. They think it's just the place for a satyr to keep himself out of trouble. And for a while, he does.

But then he meets Alison, the cattle-man's wife. And the sexy young Norwegian backpackers, Ingrid and Aine. There's Lynn, the wealthy tourist, too. Darien is a satyr at heart and he has a gift. It's a magical, erotic, sensual gift and he has to give it. It's what he was made for, even if it means stealing deli


Anna K is a hedonistic pleasure seeker who loves indulging her senses, whether in real life or through words and the imagination. She enjoys writing sensual, erotic fantasies that allow her to escape to other worlds, whether they are backwards in time to another age or sideways into fairy-tale, myth, legend and fantasy lands.

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