Abby's Vampire (MCV #1)

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April 2012



Abby Montgomery is an average working class girl from Wyandotte, a suburb of Detroit. In a hurry, to see a friend, she accidently smacks into the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. Javon Bouvier, has muscles popping out everywhere and the ass of an underwear model. He makes Abby feel things she has never felt before.
Javon pursues Abby with the swiftness of a vampire, but he isn't telling her the truth about his want to bite her. Keeping quiet seems to be the safest thing for him to do, until his past comes crashing in to spoil his plans of love. Will he finally divulge his secret to Abby before he puts her life and their love at risk?


Anjela Renee never thought about writing until one day when she had an idea for a story. As a lover of books, she wrote a partial chapter and posted it online. She was shocked to find people actually liked it. From there, she continued writing and eventually self-published her first book. That was the start of a million ideas, and hopefully, many more books to come. Anjela is originally from Michigan, but lived in Las Vegas for three years. She has a husband and two kids, and now resides in Holland, Mi.

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