The Tin Soldiers Study Guide

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Februar 2015



Young, believing men today are facing a tragic identity crisis-trapped in lives of emptiness, hopelessness, and apathy, ensnared in a web of addictions, anxiety, and broken relationships. We are a generation of men who seem lost, without purpose, without direction. But is this who we were meant to be?
In The Tin Soldiers Study Guide, Andrew Schwab delves deeper into his most candid and spiritually encouraging work to date-offering practical reflection, examination, and application which, when paired with The Tin Soldiers book, serves as a small group curriculum.
These fifty-two exercises are a one-year journey where we will confront our deepest fears and darkest secrets, together. And as we do, we will find a connection to the spirit of God, the character of Christ, and to one another like never before.
It's time to transform from dead metal to life more abundant. It's time to become real men. It is time to become who you were meant to be.

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