Iris Image Recognition

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Mai 2014



This book provides the new results in wavelet filter banks based feature extraction, and the classifier in the field of iris image recognition. It provides the broad treatment on the design of separable, non-separable wavelets filter banks, and the classifier. The design techniques presented in the book are applied on iris image analysis for person authentication. This book also brings together the three strands of research (wavelets, iris image analysis and classifier). It compares the performance of the presented techniques with state-of-the-art available schemes. This book contains the compilation of basic material on the design of wavelets that avoids reading many different books. Therefore, it provides an easier path for the new-comers, researchers to master the contents. In addition, the designed filter banks and classifier can also be effectively used than existing filter-banks in many signal processing applications like pattern classification, data-compression, watermarking, denoising etc. that will give the new directions of the research in the relevant field for the readers.


Features Based on Triplet Half-band Wavelet Filter-banks.
Combined Directional Wavelet Filter-banks Based Features.
Iris Representation by Combined Hybrid Directional Wavelet Filter-banks.
Ordinal Measures Based on Directional Ordinal Wavelet Filters.
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