Evaluation of Retentive Ability and Some Properties of Modified Denture Adhesive Materials

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Februar 2013



Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2010 in the subject Medicine - Dentistry, University of Mosul (Dental college), language: English, abstract: Aims: To evaluate pH, viscosity and retentive ability of modified adhesive materials and compared it with commercially available adhesive materials. Materials and Methods: The pH¿value of 0.25% denture adhesive materials were determined using pH meter. The viscosity was determined by Ostwald viscometer (Aldrich Company). The retentive ability was measured by specially manufactured reten-tion testing machine using an acrylic resin disc samples which have 6cm diameter and 3mm thickness prepared from a special mold. Results: The findings of the present study showed that the "Bonyplus" gave the highest pH values of all materials tested. Also, showed that the "CMC¿ gave the highest vis-cosity values, while "Bonyplus" gave the lowest one. The "CMC" gave the highest retention while the "Distilled water" gave the lowest one. Conclusions: All denture adhesive materials tested have a pH equal to that of neutral. The viscosity test showed that the newly prepared materials have a higher vis-cosity than commercial denture adhesive materials. The retention test showed that the newly prepared materials have a higher efficiency than commercial denture adhesive materials. Key Words: Retentive ability, Properties, denture, adhesive material.


Name: AMER A. TAQA Email: DEPARTMENT OF DENTAL BASIC SCIENCE COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY/MOSUL UNIVERSITY/IRAQ EDUCATION PhD in Inorganic Chemistry awarded in 2001. Dissertation Title " Preparation and study some of complexes that can be used as dental restorative. Advisor: Tahanee Al-Sandook and I.M.Ahmed. M.Sc in inorganic Chemistry awarded in 1991. Dissertation Title" Preparation and study some of uranium complexes with nitrones" Advisor: Wiseman Aziz. B.Sc in Chemistry awarded in 1985. EXPERIENCE Professor teaching in Dental Basic Science Mosul University 1993-to present. Head of Dept. of Dental Basic Sciences ¿ 2003 to 2005 Registrar of Dept. of Dental Basic Sciences -1995 to 2003 Professor 2009 Assistant Professor - 1999 Lecturer 1995 Assistant lecturer 1993 Postgraduate MSc Supervision Student in an inorganic Chemistry in Science College. Seven students in Prosthetic in Dentistry College. One student in orthodontic in Dental College. Three students in Operative in Dental College.
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