Flash Techniques for Location Portraiture

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Dezember 2014



Small-flash photography has become widely popular because of its portability and affordability, and this book offers insights on mastering the use of small-unit, hot shoe-mounted flashes called flashguns. Demonstrating the various light modifiers, techniques, and setups designed for these small powerhouses of light, the book explores how to achieve creative results from working with a single flashgun, multiple flashguns, and colored filters, as well as making adjustments with the camera's white-balance settings. The guide lists the tools required for location-portrait photography and discusses different lighting setups-from shooting in direct sunlight to night and low-light photos-for various location-portrait situations, giving photographers the confidence to make lighting decisions to produce professional results.


Alyn Stafford is a portrait and commercial photographer. He has worked for national advertising agencies with clients such as Airliance, Sony, and United Airlines, and is a former photo editor for "Aviation Lifestyles Magazine." He writes two photography blogs: and He lives in Riverside, California.

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