Haud Yer Wheesht!

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Mai 2011



A frequently hilarious and often wise collection of Scots sayings which our Grannies always seemed to have to hand for all manner of situations and circumstances. They cover marriage, cooking, the home, money, sex, the Kirk, the future, health, happiness, poverty, travel, death, birth and a lot more. Each saying is accompanied by a straightforward English equivalent for ease of understanding by tourists and visitors from overseas. Over 50 cartoon illustrations by Rupert Besley accompany the text.


Introduction v Grannies on - 1 Business 2 Communication 3 Death 4 Decisions 5 Drink 6 Evil 7 Family Life 8 Food 9 Friendship 10 The Future 11 God 12 Happiness 13 Health 14 Helping Others 15 Honesty 16 Human Behaviour 17 Improving Yourself 18 Life's Experiences 19 Love 20 Marriage 21 Memories 22 Money 23 Observations on Life 24 Old Folks 25 Patience 26 Possessions 27 Practical Actions 28 Reputations 29 Respect 30 Shrewdness 31 Taking Positive Measures 32 Time 33 Weather 34 Work Glossary


Allan Morrison
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