A Place to Walk

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August 1995



What do experienced field naturalists discover when they explore the heavily populated Lake Ontario shoreline as if they were surveying a wilderness for the first time?

In this beautifully illustrated book, Aleta Karstad takes you on a journey of discovery along the route of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail. Listening for calling frogs in spring, turning stones, sampling shoreline drift, identifying plants and animals, Karstad and her husband, herpetologist Frederick W. Schueler, discover a wealth of natural life, sometimes in unexpected places.

The expedition journal, illustrated by Aleta Karstad's elegant drawings and delicate watercolours, takes up where popular field guides leave off. It is a guide and inspiration for readers to explore their own region with fresh eyes, with an invitation to assist in monitoring animal communities.


Aleta Karstad was born (1951) and grew up in Guelph, Ontario, but lived as a girl in Wisconsin and Georgia as her father studied wildlife pathology. Her formal art training was at Central Technical School, Toronto, where she studied watercolour under Doris McCarthy.
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