Evaluating Investments in Health Care Systems

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Juli 2014



This book focuses on the innovative and more critical management approach adopted in the PA (Public Administration) in order to identify and describe the main models and instruments to economically evaluate the decision making process in accordance to the specific conditions such as efficiency, effectiveness, cost and equity. The manuscript pays special attention to this sector by identifying, investigating and applying the main evaluation models (logic and methods) of the decision making process, in particular in terms of investment decisions. In the recent decades, with reference to PA, several managerial approaches have been developed from a business management perspective. These managerial approaches differ in terms of variables analyzed, such as the role of governance or the specific logics and mechanisms applied, but all of them have a common goal, which is the improvement of efficiency, effectiveness, economic and equitable decision making and operations in the PA. This book investigates the different mentioned frameworks adopting a wider and integrated analysis perspective on the evaluation of investments in the health care system.


The Evolution of Decision Logic in the Health Care System.- Logic and Methods of Evaluation in Health Care.- Health Technology Assessment.


Alessandro Scaletti is Associate Professor of Business Economics at the University of Naples Parthenope. He teaches "Business Economics" and "Business Economics and Public Administration" at the Faculty of Economics. His research interests include evaluation models of the investments within health care systems.
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