Sorry, But Has There Been a Coup: and other great unanswered questions of the Cameron era

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Dezember 2011



Topical satire from the authors of Is it Just Me or is Everything Shit?
`Is the Cameron government a coup?¿ This is the question under discussion in this witty and topical article from the bestselling authors of `Is it Just Me or is Everything Shit¿. This question, and 44 other questions, orbiting this central question like satellites of love. Such as, `Will Cameron kill Clegg?¿ and `Did Sam Cam invent trip-hop?¿ You know, important stuff. Like, `Is it wise to put Sir Toby Young in charge of all the schools?¿ and `What is the socio-political significance of Pippa Middleton¿s buns?¿
Also, `Is there a link between the Big Society and the occult?¿


`a satirical look at the coalition and its politics, presented in brief sketches which poke snarky fun at such absurd but apparently quite true facts¿ GUARDIAN
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