Salman Rushdie. An Anthology of Critical Essays in New Millennium

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Februar 2015



Document from the year 2014 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, , language: English, abstract: Famous for multifarious writing, Salman Rushdie himself is a multifaceted personality, often emerges as an unpredictable figure with an unfathomable depth of creativity and criticism. Being an iconoclast, Rushdie never chooses the trodden road: he rather plunges headstrong into the unexplored territories of literature, not yet attempted.

The present volume strives to find how Rushdie is germane in the twenty first century politics of globalization, literary schema, and cosmopolitanism. The book has been divided into two broad heads¿the first section intrinsically deals with the most popular book of Rushdie, Midnight¿s Children while the second section contains Rushdie¿s latter fictions which have been researched and presented in the light of intertextuality, hybridity, diaspora and, of late, autobiography.

The essays are written by Suhaina Bi, Sutanuka Ghosh Roy, Ram Bahawan Yadav, T. Sasikanth Reddy, Asis De, Vikrant Sehgal, Indah Lestari, Ajit Kumar, Hetal K. Kachhia, Hetal M. Doshi, Nesha Sabar/Pramod Kumar Das, Ramesh Tibile, Bini B. S., Manjeet Kumar Kashyap and Valiur Rahaman.
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