Before the Altar: 150 Questions Every Engaged Couple Needs to Ask

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Februar 2015



"Many couples spend more time picking out their wedding cake, which may or may not be gone by the end of the wedding, than they do planning for the marriage they hope to have for the rest of their lives."
In Before The Altar: 150 Questions Every Engaged Couple Needs to Ask, author and marriage educator Aja Dorsey Jackson guides engaged couples to start marriage off on the right foot. Through multiple questions sections, Before the Altar identifies common conflict areas in marriage, and pinpoints the most important questions couples need to ask before they walk down the aisle. With a wrap up activity at the end of each section and free workbook, Before the Altar is designed for couples of all backgrounds to not only ask the hard questions, but to use the information learned to give their marriage the best possible outcome.

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