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November 2011



The poems in Adam Thorpe's latest collection are concerned with the continuum between two worlds: the lived present and the felt past. With the attentive care of an archaeologist he uncovers and examines fragments - from a personal history or the historic past - and rebuilds the narrative: a fossil in Hitler's stadium, a wedding photograph, marks on the wall where an eighteenth-century priest was shot. With formal dexterity and rhythmic assurance, these versatile, subtle poems investigate the vertiginous dynamic of history - where a shard of stone stands for civilisation, where a silver of memory becomes a life re-lived. After nine years, during which time he has emerged as one of Britain's most powerful and innovative novelists, Adam Thorpe now returns - triumphantly - to poetry.


Adam Thorpe


"Writer with exceptional gifts." -- Peter Kemp Sunday Times "Verve and intelligence... a beauty of feeling and language." -- Douglas Dunn Evening Standard "Excellent... Thorpe's poems are finely scored for the voice, but they go beyond the recognisable into the mystical." -- Peter Porter Observer "Erudite, observant, an artist with the language." -- Martyn Crucefix Poetry Review "It's hard to imagine greater skill or concision... There are never going to be many poets in any generation who leave you strapped for superlatives; excitingly, Thorpe is one of them." -- Robert Ports Literary Review
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