Beautiful Brutality: The Family Ties at the Heart of Boxing

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Juni 2012



Boxing. The Sport of Kings. And for every king, there are kingmakers and princes, determined heirs and ruthless pretenders to the throne. Boxers may enter the ring alone, but behind them are their families, many of whom have spent a career in the fight game themselves. And all are caught up in this most beautiful but brutal of sports.

Beautiful Brutality is the first book to examine the world of boxing from the perspective of family. With unprecedented access to the likes of the Calzaghes, Mayweathers, Hattons and Khans, Sky Sports boxing expert Adam Smith lays bare the raw emotion at the heart of the sport. How does it feel when your son is taking a pummelling? Can a father make rational judgements from the corner of the ring, in the frenzied atmosphere of a fight? And how much strength does a boxer take from his family, or the family figures that so many trainers and promoters become?

Passionate, hard-hitting and with astonishing revelations about the world of boxing, Beautiful Brutality is written from the heart, by an author with a unique knowledge and experience of the fight game.


Adam Smith


A must-read for fight fans... brings a unique perspective to boxing. Smith's exhaustive research is illuminated by his myriad contacts in the fight business and his close affection for boxers and their families -- Jeff Powell Daily Mail 20120605 A very enjoyable catalogue of our era -- Glyn Leach Boxing Monthly 20120606 An eye-opener 20120618
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