The Teaching of Tantra Yoga Meditation

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Januar 2014



Tantra is originally spiritual path of Yoga in East and like all yoga so try it take to find our true nature, beyond the mind, the ego , the "I " to expand our consciousness to the Spirit who we really are, embodied here on Earth . Unlike most spiritual paths, Tantra does not reject the "bottom". Tantra is not intended to go to any heaven out here, but to bring Heaven to Earth. Tantra is the unitary vision, no dualistic par excellence. And from that non-dualistic vision, where everything is the same, where God is all, where God is above and below, Tantra either rejected or relegated sexuality as opposed to the spiritual. On the contrary, Tantra uses sexuality as powerful sacred energy that we can carry elevating expands our consciousness, a direct path to the Spirit in us. Tantra considers sexuality as a primary energy that is in all and in our selves within. Tantra teaches us to accept that energy and make us masters of it, both in our relationship with ourselves and in relationship. We can consider as the Tantra as the path where these two are reconciled and earth - sky, matter - spirit unites polarities. Considering that duality that has always existed in the human psyche, could say that Tantra is the union of sexuality and spirituality.

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