The Moon and the Wind

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Januar 2015



There were three things that Steve Greene wanted to do, and they were, in order of importance: 1. Get away from his Great Mistake (her name was Vivian). 2. Write the last movement of his symphony and relieve his mind of an unfinished concerto or two. 3. Whip the waters of some unspoiled mountain lake for record-breaking bass and pike. And so he bought a trailer.
When he took to the open road, his house on wheels was replete with gadgets and improvements, but he was hardly prepared to find a breathtakingly pretty girl and a snarling, suspicious black dog hiding in the depths of his folding bed when he parked the first night, fifty miles from civilization.
Little did Steve know, the pretty girl was actually Gloria Newcombe of Hollywood, running away from a new contract and an expensive and utterly unwanted husband. Her disappearance had been ballooned into a sensational kidnapping.
While State Troopers and assorted county sheriffs comb the trails for Gloria, affairs inside the trailer grow ever more complicated, intimate, and tempestuous in this romantic tale of two worlds colliding against the backdrop of America in the 1930s.

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