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Emissions of CO2 have come to be regarded as the main factor in climate change in recent years, and how to control them has become a pressing issue. The problem cannot simply be labeled a technological one, however, because it is deeply involved with social and economic issues. Since 2008, the Global Center of Excellence (COE) program titled "Energy Science in the Age of Global Warming-Toward a CO2 Zero-Emission Energy System" has been held at Kyoto University, Japan. The program aims to establish an international education and research platform to foster educators, researchers, and policy makers who can develop technologies and propose policies toward a zero-emission society by the year 2100. Setting out a zero-emission technology roadmap, Global COE promotes socioeconomic studies of energy, the study of new technologies for renewable energies, and research in advanced nuclear energy. A compilation of the lectures and presentations from the first symposium of Global COE held at Kyoto University, this book is intended to provide the impetus for the establishment of low carbon energy science to bring about harmony between mankind and the environment.


Part I Plenary and Invited Papers
Can We Learn from Photosynthesis About  How to Convert Solar Energy into Fuels?
Renaissance of Nuclear Energy in the USA: Opportunities,  Challenges and Future Research Needs
Eco-Friendly Production of Biodiesel by Utilizing Solid Base  Catalysis of Calcium Oxide for Reaction to Convert Vegetable  Oil into Its Methyl Esters
II Contributed Papersg -Ferric Oxide / Carbon Composite Synthesized by Aqueous  Solution Method as a Cathode for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Control of TiO2-Based Nanomaterials  for Sustainable Energy Applications
New Material Processing and Evaluation for TiO2  by Microwave and Mid-Infrared Light Techniques
Construction of the Functional Biomolecules  with the Ribonucleopeptide Complexes
High-Pr Heat Transfer in Viscoelastic Drag-Reducing  Turbulent Channel Flow
Current Status of Accelerator-Driven System with High-Energy  Protons in Kyoto University Critical Assembly
Part III International Summer School on Energy  Science for Young Generations (ISSES-YGN)
(i) Scenario Planning and Socio-economic Energy ResearchToward Education for Collaboration Between Different Fields:  An Experiment of Facilitation Viewpoints Utilization  for Re¿ecting Group Discussion
The Impact of Wind Power Generation on Wholesale  Electricity Price at Peak Time Demand in Korea
An Analysis of Eco-Ef¿ciency in Korean Fossil-Fueled  Power Plants Using DEA
An Analysis of Energy Ef¿ciency Using DEA:  A Comparison of Korean and Japanese Economic Regions
The Role of Nuclear Power in Energy Security  and Climate Change in Vietnam
Opportunities and Challenges of Renewable Energy  and Distributed Generation Promotion for Rural  Electri¿cation in Indonesia
Wind Power Generation's Impact on Peak Time Demand  and on Future Power Mix
Development of LiPb-SiC High Temperature Blanket
(ii) Renewable Energy Research and CO2 Reduction Research
Lipid-Domain-Selective Assembly of Photosynthetic  Membrane Proteins into Solid-Supported Membranes
Light-Induced Transmembrane Electron Transfer  Catalyzed by Phospholipid-Linked Zn Chlorophyll  Derivatives on Electrodes
Raman Spectroscopic Studies on Silicon Electrodeposition  in a Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid
DC Connected Hybrid Offshore-Wind and Tidal  Turbine Generation System
Primary Pyrolysis and Secondary Reaction Behaviors  as Compared Between Japanese Cedar and Japanese  Beech Wood in an Ampoule Reactor
Some Low-Temperature Phenomena of Cellulose Pyrolysis
Rotational Temperature Measurements in a Molecular  Beam with High-Order Harmonic Generation
Chemical Conversion of Lignocellulosics as Treated  by Two-Step Hot-Compressed Water
Method for Improving Oxidation Stability of Biodiesel
Construction of the Arti¿cial Enzyme for Using  Solar Energy
Development of Fluorescent Ribonucleopeptide-Based  Sensors for Biologically Active Amines
Light Energy Induced Fluorescence Switching  Based on Novel Photochromic Nucleosides
Development of Nanocrystalline Co-Cu Alloys  for Energy Applications
Investigation of SI-CI Combustion with Low Octane  Number Fuels and Hydrogen using a Rapid Compression/ Expansion Machine
Comparison Between the Hexaboride Materials  as Thermionic Cathode in the RF Guns for a Compact  MIR-FEL Driver
Indicators for Evaluating Phase Stability  During Mechanical Milling
The Study of CO2 Fixation in Spent Oil Sand  Under the Different Temperature and Pressure
The Study on Characteristics Upgraded Low Rank  Coal (Lignite-IBC) by Changed Temperature  and Particle Size
Energy Ef¿ciency of Combined Heat and Power Systems
Behavior of a Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode in Molten  Chlorides Containing Oxide Ion
(iii) Advanced Nuclear Energy Research
An Algorithm for Automatic Generation of Fault  Tree from MFM Model
A Method of Generating GO-Flow Models from MFM Models
Functional Modeling of Perspectives on the Example  of Electric Energy Systems
Mechanical Properties and Microstructure  of SiC/SiC Composites Fabricated for Erosion Component
Diffusion Bonding of Tungsten to Reduced Activation Ferritic/ Martensitic Steel F82H Using a Titanium Interlayer
The Simulation of Corium Dispersion in Direct Containment  Heating Accidents
Study on Three-Dimensional Thermal Hydraulic Simulation  of Reactor Core Based on THEATRe Code
Study on Turbine System of Nuclear Power Plant  Based on RELAP5/MOD3.4 Code
Analysis of Instability in Narrow Annular Multi-channel  System Based on RELAP5 Code
Development of Ultrafast Pulse X-ray Source in Ambient  Pressure with a Millijoule High Repetition Rate  Femtosecond Laser
Development of Small Specimen Technique to Evaluate  Ductile-Brittle Transition Behavior of a Welded Reactor  Pressure Vessel Steel
Research on Distributed Monitoring and Prediction  System for Nuclear Power Plant
Multiple Scale Nonlinear Phenomena in Nature: From High  Con¿nement in Fusion Plasma to Climate Anomalies
The Electric Properties of InSb Crystals for Radiation Detector
Kinetic Transport Simulation of ICRF Heating  in Tokamak Plasmas
Electrochemical Study of Neodymium Ions in Molten Chlorides
A New Numerical Approach of Kinetic Simulation  for Complex Plasma Dynamics: Application to Fusion  and Astrophysical Plasmas
Relationship Between Microstructure and Mechanical  Property of Transient Liquid Phase Bonded ODS
Nondestructive Testing of NITE-SiC Ceramics  for Fusion Reactor Application
Numerical Simulation on Subcooled Pool Boiling
Framework of a Risk Monitor System for Nuclear Power Plant
Dynamic Reliability Analysis by GO-FLOW for ECCS System  of PWR Nuclear Power Plant
Prior Evaluation Method of User Interface Design
Consideration of Alumina Coating Fabricated by Sol-Gel  Method for PbLi Flow
Feasibility Study on Introducing Building Integrated Photovoltaic  System in China and Analysis of the Promotion Policies
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