Unsettling Settler Societies

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Juni 1995



`Settler societies' are those in which Europeans have settled and become politically dominant over indigenous people, and where a heterogenous society has developed in class, ethnic and racial terms. They offer a unique prism for understanding the complex relations of gender, race, ethnicity and class in contemporary societies.

Unsettling Settler Societies brings together a distinguished cast of contributors to explore these relations in both material and discursive terms. They look at the relation between indigenous and settler/immigrant populations, focusing in particular on women's conditions and politics. The book examines how the process of development of settler societies, and the positions of indigenous and migrant peoples within them, reflects the place of these societies (New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Algeria and Israel) within a global economy.


Foreword - John H Stanfield II
Introduction - Daiva Stasiulis and Nira Yuval-Davis
Beyond Dichotomies - Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Class in Settler Societies
Post-Colonial Politics in Aotearoa/New Zealand - Wendy Larner and Paul Spoonley
Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Australia - Jan Jindy Pettman
The Fractious Politics of a Settler Society - Daiva Stasiulis and Radha Jhappan
Gendering, Racializing and Classifying - Dolores Janiewski
Settler Colonization in the United States, 1590-1990
Miscegenation as Nation-Building - Natividad Guti[ac]errez
Indian and Immigrant Women in Mexico
Five Centuries of Gendered Settler Society - Sarah A Radcliffe
Conquerors, Natives and Immigrants in Peru
Constructing Race, Class, Gender and Ethnicity - Elaine Unterhalter
State and Opposition Strategies in South Africa
Gender Divisions and the Formation of Ethnicities in Zimbabwe - Susie Jacobs
Between `Becoming M'tourni' and `Going Native' - Anissa H[ac]elie
Gender and Settler Society in Algeria
Palestine, Israel and the Zionist Settler Project - Nahla Abdo and Nira Yuval-Davis

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