Transvenous Lead Extraction

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September 2011



In the last years, indications for defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization therapy have expanded enormously; for this reason, and also due to the extension of human life length, the number of patients with implanted cardiac devices have steadily increased. The leads implanted for the functioning of these devices, however, have a limited duration in time and more and more their extraction will be a frequent issue in clinical practice, in order to treat short- and long-term complications, such as infections and failures.
Aim of this book is to provide readers with a state-of-the-art on lead extraction techniques. The chapters deal with leads characteristics, indications to lead removal, patient preparation, tools and techniques for extraction, and prevention and management of complications. In addition, a series of tips and tricks on how to treat some particular conditions (tight cost-clavicular space, fractured leads, ICD leads, dangered leads...etc.), are given. A new extracting technique, according to which the extraction is performed through the internal jugular vein is described; several examples are included and many figures provide a thorough depiction of this innovative procedure.
The volume will be an excellent resource for all those involved in the management of cardiac patients: cardiologists, arrhythmologists, cardiac surgeons, GPs, pediatricians, and post-graduate students in these disciplines.


1: Importance of Knowing Lead and Patient Interaction.- 2: From Guidelines: Definitions, Indications, Facilities and Outcomes of Transvenous Lead Extraction.- 3: Perioperative Management of Transvenous Lead Extraction. - 4: Tools, Techniques and Approaches. - 5: Personal Technique and Experience: The Pisa Approach. 6: Clinical Experiences in Lead Extraction.- 7: Utility of Imaging Techniques.- 8: Prevention and Treatment of Lead Extraction Complications.- 9: The Implantation of New Leads after Extraction. - 10: Problem-Solving in Lead Extractions.

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