Towards Sustainable Use of Rangelands in North-West China

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September 2010



Towards Sustainable Use of Rangelands in China's North West is based on the program of the International Conference Implementing GEF Objectives in a Systems Framework held in Lanzhou, Gansu, China in October 2008. This collection reviews the extent of resource debasement in China's pastoral zones and offers solutions for their sustainable use. The five parts deal with ran- lands, and the people who manage them, and assess prospects for implementation of more sustainable rangeland/livestock production systems. Topics include Livestock husbandry development and agro-pastoral integration in Gansu and Xinjiang; Ecological restoration and control of rangeland degradation. Despite widespread degradation, the articles reveal the approaches that are likely to lead to recovery of these rangelands and better livelihoods for the local herders and farmers. Two chapters are devoted to the achievement of global environmental objectives. Carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation in mountain grasslands are just a few of the covered subjects. This portion of the book pays special attention to the successful results in Gansu and Xinjiang - major regions of China's pastoral lands. The final division addresses measures to improve the profitability and susta- ability of herding and farming in the pastoral areas of north-west China There are fifteen chapters on subjects that include: Livestock management, Rangeland management interventions, Agro-pastoral integration, Improved animal husbandry practices as a basis for profitability. Land tenure and access, Environmental education, Ecological Restoration and New Management approaches for China's northwest pastoral areas.


About the Editors; List of Contributors; Foreword by Sari Soderstrom (World Bank, Washington) Foreword by Frank Radstake (Asian Development Bank, Manila) Preface by Editors Acknowledgements PART I: Rangeland systems and People under pressure 1. North-west China's rangelands and peoples: Facts, figures, challenges and responses; V. R. Squires and Hua Limin 2. Livestock husbandry development and agro-pastoral integration in Gansu and Xinjiang; V. R. Squires and Hua Limin PART II: Combating rangeland degradation 3. Exploring the options in North-west China pastoral lands; V.R .Squires, Hua Limin Li Guolin and Zhang Degang 4. Ecological restoration and control of rangeland degradation: Livestock management; Brant Kirychuck and Bazil Fritz 5. Ecological restoration and control of rangeland degradation: Rangeland management interventions; V. R. Squires, Hua Limin and Zhang Degang PART III: Achieving the global objectives 6. Biodiversity of plants and animals in mountain ecosystems; Zhao Cheng-Zhang and V.R. Squires 7. Carbon sequestration and the implications for rangeland management; Long Ruijun Shang Zhanhuan, Li Xiaogan, Jiang Ping-an, Jia Hong-tao and V.R. Squires 8. Protecting local breeds of livestock; Liang Xia, Wang Cailian and V R Squires PART IV: Improving the profitability and sustainability of herding and farming in the pastoral areas of North-West China 9. Agro-pastoral integration: development of a new paradigm; Zhang Degang, Ren Jizhou, Hua Limin and V.R. Squires 10. Improved animal husbandry practices as a basis for profitability; Wu Jianping, V.R. Squires and Yang Lian 11. Herders' income and expenditure: perceptions and expectations; Hua Limin and D L Michalk 12. Land tenure: problems, prospects and reform; Wang Meiping Zhao Cheng-zhang Hua Limin and V. R. Squires PART V: The way forward 13. Environmental education: a tool for changing the mind-set; Zhao Cheng-Zhang and V.R. Squires 14. Redesigning livestock systems to improve householdincome and reduce stocking rates in China's western grasslands; D L Michalk, Hua Limin, D R Kemp, Randall Jones, Taro Takahashi, Wu JianPing, Nan Zhibiao, Xu Zhu and Han Guodong 15.Towards Ecological Restoration and Management in China's northwest pastoral zone; V.R. Squires, Hua Limin, Zhang Degang and Li Guolin List of Figures; List of Tables; List of Boxes Index


From the reviews:

'The chapters are clearly presented and the summaries of key points at the beginning of each chapter are very useful. The book also benefits from the contemporary nature of the data set on which it draws; this is especially important in the context of rapid political, economic, and climate change. ' In summary, this is a valuable book that will undoubtedly be of interest to scholars of pastoralism and of the region.' (Caroline Upton, Mountain Research and Development, Vol. 31 (2), May, 2011)

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