Towards a Re-Definition of Development

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Januar 2016



Towards a Re-Definition of Development: Essays and Discussion on the Nature of Development in an International Perspective reconsiders the generally accepted definition of development based on the assumption that there is no universal method for comprehending development and no one major principle for elucidating its evolution. The emphasis is on the so-called white, Western, and wealthy developed countries.

Divided into two parts, this book begins with a critical analysis of the nature of development and the conditions necessary for a developed world. The irreversibility of technical and industrial evolution is considered, along with the role of science and technology in development; the control of evolution and the meaning of progress; the role of the major political and economic units in world development; and conditions for the economic and political independence of developing countries. The second part explores various facets of development strategy and theory, paying particular attention to conceptions and misconceptions of development as well as the notion of peace.

This monograph should be of interest to economists, social and political scientists, and social and economic policymakers.

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