Topics in Experimental Dynamics Substructuring and Wind Turbine Dynamics, Volume 2

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April 2012



Topics in Experimental Dynamics Substructuring and Wind Turbine Dynamics, Volume 2,  Proceedings of the 30th IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics, 2012, the second volume of six from the Conference, brings together 31 contributions to this important area of research and engineering.  The collection presents early findings and case studies on fundamental and applied aspects of Structural Dynamics.


Tutorial on Experimental Dynamic Substructuring Using the Transmission Simulator Method.
Experimental-analytical Substructure Model Sensitivity Analysis for Cutting Machine Chatter Prediction.
Eliminating Indefinite Mass Matrices With the Transmission Simulator Method of Substructuring.
Using Substructuring to Predict the Human Hand Influence on a Mechanical Structure Simple Experiments to Validate Modal Substructure Models.
Experimental Realization of System-Level Vibration by Use of Single Component Based on Virtual Boundary Condition Concept.
An Introduction to the SEM Substructures Focus Group Test Bed - The Ampair 600 Wind Turbine.
Modal Assessment of Wind Turbine Blade in Preparation of Experimental Substructuring.
Comparison of Some Wind Turbine Blade Tests in Various Configurations.
Consideration of Interface Damping in Dynamic Substructuring.
Direct Hybrid Formulation for Substructure Decoupling.
Substructuring with Nonlinear Subcomponents: A Nonlinear Normal Mode Perspective.
An Effective Method for Assembling Impulse Response Functions to Linear and Non-linear Finite Element Models.
Truncating the Impulse Responses of Substructures to Speed Up the Impulse-based Substructuring.
Application of Residual Vectors to Superelement Modeling of an Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation.
Demonstrating Predictive Capability of Validated Wind Turbine Blade Models.
Towards the Experimental Assessment of NLBeam for Modeling Large Deformation Structural Dynamics.
Wind Turbine Experimental Dynamic Substructure Development.
Validation of a Finite Element Model Used for Dynamic Stress-strain Prediction.
Dynamic Stress-strain on Turbine Blade using Digital Image Correlation Techniques Part 1 - Static Load and Calibration.
Dynamic Stress-Strain on Turbine Blade Using Digital Image Correlation Techniques Part 2 - Dynamic Measurements.
Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbine Blades under Fatigue Loads.
Dynamic Characterization of Whisper 500 Turbine Blade.
Developing a Finite Element Model in Conjunction With Modal Test for Wind Turbine Blade Models.
Dynamic Stress-strain Prediction from Limited Measurements in the Presence of Structural Defects.
On the Mode Based Simulation of Dry Friction Inside Lap Joints.
Efficient Updating of Static Modes in the Craig-Bampton Reduction Basis.
Comparison of CMS, Krylov and Balanced Truncation-based Model Reduction from a Mechanical Application Engineer's Perspective.
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Operational Modal Analysis in Sheared Wind Flow.
Output-only Estimation of Wind Induced Stresses in Structures.
Modal Testing of 9m CX-100 Turbine Blades.


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