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Juli 2011



The anthology presents a selection of articles on the subject of "time". Among these are a number of German-language contributions presented in English translation for the first time ever, including seminal articles by Günter Müller, Eberhard Lämmert and Käte Hamburger. The authors address their shared topic from three major disciplinary angles: philosophy, narrative theory and cognitivist studies. As our experience of time is intrinsically linked to our ability to recount and narrate events, the productive design and receptive re-construction of time constructs plays a particularly important role in narrative theory.


1;Contents;6 2;Acknowledgements;8 3;Foreword;10 4;The Tenses of Verbs;24 5;Time Experience and Personhood;36 6;Constituting Time through Action and Discourse;52 7;Time, Tense and Topology;72 8;The Significance of Time in Narrative Art;90 9;The Timelessness of Poetry;108 10;The Time References of Narration;124 11;Time Structure in the Contemporary Novel;132 12;Story-time and Fact-sequence-time;166 13;The Temporality Effect. Towards a Process Model of Narrative Time Construction;194 14;The Flow of Time in Narrative. An Artificial Intelligence Perspective;240 15;Bibliography: A Guide to Further Reading;260 16;Subject Index;276 17;Name Index;280


Jan Christoph Meister and Wilhelm Schernus, University of Hamburg, Germany.
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