The MassGeneral Hospital for Children Handbook of Pediatric Global Health

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The MassGeneral Hospital for Children Handbook of Pediatric Global Health is a concise resource for the ever-increasing number of health professionals involved in global health, many of whom spend a few weeks to months or even years providing medical care in resource-poor countries.  This Handbook provides practical, evidence-based, hands-on guidance for managing and preventing childhood illnesses when resources are limited in low- and middle-income countries.  It also offers a setting-specific understanding and management approaches to the major causes of childhood mortality, including pneumonia, diarrhea, birth asphyxia, complications of preterm birth, and neonatal sepsis.  The Handbook provides an overview of childhood mortality, health systems, and the various stakeholders that play a role in the global health arena, and also contains chapters focusing on adolescents who are increasingly recognized as a unique population in whom interventions can go a long way in bothconsolidating the gains made in childhood and preventing adult disease.  Finally, key topics in non-communicable diseases are covered, including trauma and injuries, pediatric mental health, child and adolescent rights, and oral health.  Not meant solely for pediatricians, the Handbook is designed for generalists, specialists, doctors, nurses, other health care workers, and those in training.  An indispensable reference for health professionals overseas, the Handbook will also be a useful addition and resource for academic centers and universities in industrialized nations that are creating courses for trainees who will do clinical electives abroad during their training.


Table of Contents
Part One         Overview of Pediatric Global Health
                        Section Editor, Jennifer Kasper
Chapter 1        Child Mortality in Developing Countries
                        Norman Miles Farr and Brett D. Nelson
Chapter 2        Stakeholders and Approaches to Address Pediatric Global Health
                        Jennifer Kasper and Nancy Ringel
Chapter 3        Global Health Systems
                        Matthew Tobey and Patrick T. Lee
Chapter 4        Vulnerability of Children in Developing Countries and Disrupted Settings
                        Sylvia Veronica Romm, Iyah K. Romm, Brett D. Nelson
Chapter 5        Fundamentals of Pediatric Care in Resource-Limited Settings                        Julia Elisabeth von Oettingen, Roseda E. Marshall, Jennifer Kasper
Part Two        Newborn Health
                        Section Editor, Brett D. Nelson
Chapter 6        Maternal Health
                        Ariel Wagner, Veronica Maria Pimentel, Melody J. Eckardt
Chapter 7        Preventive Newborn Care
                        Rebecca Cook and Gopal K. Gupta
Chapter 8        Newborn Resuscitation
                        Jonathan Reisman, Jonathan M. Spector, Linda L. Wright
Chapter 9        Neonatal Infections
                        Hasan S. Merali, Anita K. M. Zaidi, Brett D. Nelson
Part Three     Adolescent Health
                        Section Editor, Nupur Gupta
Chapter 10      Adolescent Global Health
                        Karen Sadler and Nupur Gupta
Chapter 11      Adolescent Preventative and Clinical Care: A Checklist
                        Nupur Gupta and Karen Sadler
Chapter 12      Sexually Transmitted Infections in Adolescents
                        Mark A. Goldstein and Nupur Gupta
Chapter 13      Contraceptive Options for Adolescents
                        Nupur Gupta
Part Four       Communicable Disease
                        Section Editors, Brett D. Nelson, Nupur Gupta, Patricia L. Hibberd
Chapter 14      Acute Respiratory Infections
                        David A. Lyczkowski, Peter P. Moschovis, Shamim Qazi
Chapter 15      Diarrheal Illnesses
                        A. Kaytee Welsh and Archana Patel
Chapter 16      Malaria
                        Paul J. Krezanoski and Davidson H. Hamer
Chapter 17      Measles
                        Elizabeth R. Wolf and Elisa Margolis
Chapter 18      HIV/AIDS                        Kathleen M. Powis and Aura M. Obando
Chapter 19      Tuberculosis
                        Rinn Song and Kristian R. Olson
Chapter 20      Parasitic Diseases
                        Amanda P. Burke and LeAnne M. Fox
Chapter 21      Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
                        Michele S. Duke and Vandana L. Madhavan
Part Five        Non-Communicable Diseases
                        Edited by Jennifer Kasper
Chapter 22      Malnutrition
                        Pornthep Tanpowpong, Sarah Messmer, Ronald E. Kleinman
Chapter 23      Micronutrient Deficiencies
                        Jyoti Ramakrishna and Jay Thiagarajah
Chapter 24      Emergency Pediatric Care in Resource-Limited Settings
                        Sylvia Veronica Romm, Daniel P. Ryan, Linda T. Wang
Chapter 25      Child and Adolescent Mental Health
                        Giuseppe Raviola and Sarabeth Broder-Fingert
Chapter 26      Child and Adolescent Human Rights
                        Ashkon Shaahinfar and Theresa S. Betancourt
Chapter 27      Pediatric Preventive and Clinical Oral Health Care
                        Brittany Seymour, Michele Nations Martin, Grace J. Kim
Chapter 28      Neurological Issues and Epilepsy in Children and Adolescents in the Developing                           World
                        Amy C. Lee
Chapter 29      Care of the Child Immigrant
                        Jennifer Kasper, Nupur Gupta, Andrea J. Hunter, Brett D. Nelson
1. WHO Integrated Management of Childhood Illness for High HIV Settings
2. WHO Growth Charts Head Circumference Boys
3. WHO Growth Charts Head Circumference for Girls
4. WHO Growth Charts Weight for Age Boys 0-5
5. WHO Growth Charts Weight for Age Girls 0-5
6. WHO Growth Charts Weight for Height Boys 2-5
7. WHO Growth Charts Weight for Height Girls 0-5
8. WHO Growth Charts Weight for Length Boys 0-2
9. WHO Growth Charts Weight for Length Girls 0-2
10. Essential Medications for RLS
11. GAPS Monograph
12. GAPS Periodic Questionnaire
13. WHO Immunization Routine LifeSpan Vaccinations
14. WHO Routine Immunization Children
15. WHO Delayed Routine Immunization


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