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The Kidney: Morphology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Volume II provides a comprehensive information of the kidney under normal and pathological conditions, as revealed by physiological, biochemical, and morphological studies. This book focuses on the developments in the investigation of renal structure and function, particularly on the molecular and subcellular level.
Organized into seven chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the various methods and applications of the explantation of the embryonic kidney. This text then examines the different experimental glomerular diseases by describing certain morphologic features of reaction of the glomerulus to injury. Other chapters review the various data concerning spontaneous tumors and tumors caused by various agents, including hormonal, chemical, viral, or physical. This book discusses as well the pathogenesis, histopathology, and bacteriology of experimental pyelonephritis. The final chapter explains the practical significance of the role of viruses in kidney disease.
This book is a valuable resource for biochemists, pathologists, morphologist, physiologists, pharmacologists, and clinicians.


1;Front Cover;1 2;The Kidney: Morphology, Biochemistry, Physiology;4 3;Copyright Page;5 4;Table of Contents;10 5;List of Contributors;6 6;Preface;8 7;Contents of other Volumes;14 8;CHAPTER 1. EXPLANTS OF EMBRYONIC KIDNEY: TECHNIQUES AND APPLICATIONS;16 8.1;Introduction;17 8.2;I. Explantation Techniques;17 8.3;II. The Differentiation of Kidney Primordia by Culture Techniques;24 8.4;III. Application of the Techniques to Organotype Culture of Tumors;59 8.5;IV. Cultures of Embryonic Organs Associated with Mesonephros;88 8.6;REFERENCES;92 9;CHAPTER 2. EXPERIMENTAL GLOMERULAR DISEASES;98 9.1;I. Introduction;99 9.2;II. Hypersensitivity Glomerular Diseases;102 9.3;III. Glomerular Abnormalities due to Freund's Adjuvant;145 9.4;IV. Naturally Occurring Glomerular Disease;149 9.5;V. Glomerular Disease due to Colloidal Materials;153 9.6;VI. Glomerular Alterations Resulting from Intravascular Coagulation;158 9.7;VIL Glomerular Lesions Produced by Microorganisms or Products of Microorganisms;165 9.8;VIII. Glomerular Abnormalities Produced by Radiation;170 9.9;IX. Glomerular Abnormalities Produced by Cortisone;173 9.10;X. Glomerular Disease due to Renal Vein Occlusion;174 9.11;XI. Glomerular Lesions in Experimental Diabetes;175 9.12;XII. Glomerular Lesions due to Miscellaneous Toxins;176 9.13;XIII. Renal Amyloidosis;182 9.14;XIV. Summary of Pathogenetic Mechanisms in Experimental Glomerulonephritis;183 9.15;XV. Possible Relationship of Experimental Models to Human Glomerular Diseases;185 9.16;REFERENCES;193 10;CHAPTER 3. EXPERIMENTAL KIDNEY TUMORS;214 10.1;Introduction;214 10.2;I. Spontaneous Kidney Tumors in Animals;215 10.3;II. Kidney Tumors Caused by Virus;227 10.4;III. Kidney Tumors Caused by Chemical Agents;243 10.5;IV. Kidney Tumors Induced by Hormones in Hamsters;254 10.6;V. Radiation-Induced Kidney Tumors;263 10.7;VI. Conclusion;268 10.8;REFERENCES;270 11;CHAPTER 4. EXPERIMENTAL PYELONEPHRITIS;284 11.1;I. Scope of This Review;284 11.2;II. Pathogenesis of Pyelonephritis;286
11.3;III. The Renal Lesion in Experimental Pyelonephritis;322 11.4;IV. Pyelonephritis and Hypertension;356 11.5;V. Summary;359 11.6;ACKNOWLEDGMENT;360 11.7;REFERENCES;360 12;CHAPTER 5. ERYTHROPOIETIN;378 12.1;I. Definition;378 12.2;II. Historical Summary;379 12.3;III. Methods of Assay of Erythropoietin;380 12.4;IV. Purification and Nature of Erythropoietin;382 12.5;V. Erythropoietin Production and Regulation of Erythropoiesis;384 12.6;VI. Relation between Endocrine Glands and Erythropoietin;389 12.7;VII. The Mechanism of Action of Erythropoietin;391 12.8;VIII. Metabolism of Erythropoietin;394 12.9;IX. Site of Production of Erythropoietin;395 12.10;X. Clinical Aspects;400 12.11;REFERENCES;405 13;CHAPTER 6. EXPERIMENTAL RENAL TOXICITY;416 13.1;I. Introduction;416 13.2;II. Toxic Changes of the Kidney;425 13.3;REFERENCES;476 14;CHAPTER 7. KIDNEY AND VIRUSES;492 14.1;I. Introduction;492 14.2;II. Viruria;493 14.3;III. Inclusion-Bearing Cells in Urinary Sediment and Their Significance;496 14.4;IV. Nephropathy Accompanying Known or Suspected Virus Infections;497 14.5;V. Viruses and Renal Transplantation;500 14.6;VI. General Comments on Viruses and Kidney Disease;500 14.7;VII. Susceptibility of Kidney Cells to Virus in Vitro and in Vivo;502 14.8;VIII. Viruses and Cancer of the Kidney;503 14.9;REFERENCES;503 15;AUTHOR INDEX;508 16;SUBJECT INDEX;533

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