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Juli 2015



The book offers an in-depth look at teaching techniques, skills and tactics for the soccer coach. The material is suitable for coaching all ages of soccer players. The articles were originally published in Soccer Journal between 1990 and 2010. The NSCAA with more than 30,000 members is the largest soccer coaches organization in the world. It teaches more than 6,000 coaches each year through a nationwide program of clinics and courses. Meyer & Meyer Sport is the official publishing partner of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. With "The Best of Soccer Journal - Technique & Tactics" the second corporate book project will be published. Soccer coaches are always seeking for tips & tricks how to train technique and tactics. The NSCAA offers first class training materials for them.


Jay Martin, professor at the Ohio Wesleyan University, is the most successful college men's soccer coach in the USA.Since 2003 Martin is the editor of the NSCAA's Soccer Journal.
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