The Auditory Cortex

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Dezember 2010



There has been substantial progress in understanding the contributions of the auditory forebrain to hearing, sound localization, communication, emotive behavior, and cognition. The Auditory Cortex covers the latest knowledge about the auditory forebrain, including the auditory cortex as well as the medial geniculate body in the thalamus. This book will cover all important aspects of the auditory forebrain organization and function, integrating the auditory thalamus and cortex into a smooth, coherent whole. Volume One covers basic auditory neuroscience. It complements The Auditory Cortex, Volume 2: Integrative Neuroscience, which takes a more applied/clinical perspective.


Historical Survey.-A Profile of Auditory Forebrain Connections and Circuits.-Thalamocortical Connections. -Corticocortical Connections.-Commissural System.-Intrinsic Connections.-Non-Auditory Afferents.-Corticothalamic Connections.-Descending Connections to the Midbrain and Brainstem.-Neurochemistry.-Cellular and Synaptic Biophysics.-Physiology of Thalamus.-Thalamic Relations with the Limbic System.-Spectral and Intensity Coding.-Temporal Coding.-Binaural Coding and Spatial Localization.



'This is a comprehensive textbook and atlas concerning mammalian auditory cortex. ' I highly recommend this atlas and text as a stand alone reference with superior illustrations. Physicians, graduate students, fellows, professors, and audiologists will benefit from the text. Neurophysiologists and neuroanatomists should invest in this for their daily and longterm research.' (Joseph J. Grenier,, June, 2015)

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