Team Players

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November 2013



Whether he s on the field or on the court, in a pool or in a gym, watching an athlete work his well-toned body and seeing those beads of sweat glistening over his skin charges your senses and arouses your appetite. But nothing gets a heart rate up quite like a private, deliciously naughty game of one-on-one in the bedroom ... or the locker room ... or the dugout ... Sex is the ultimate contact sport. Featuring uninhibited stories from some of gay erotica s best authors, Team Players is a steamy celebration of fit, firm, and dare we say it? tight jocks who find that playing the field is even hotter than playing on the field.


Beginning his career as a television writer, Winston Gieseke penned episodes for shows like "Wildfire" and "Hollywood Off-Ramp" as well as the made-for-cable movie "Romantic Comedy 101," which starred Tom Arnold and Joey Lawrence. While living in Los Angeles, he served as editor in chief of both Men and Freshmen magazines before honing his journalistic skills as managing editor of The Advocate. An award-seeking vocalist whose "rich voice harkens back to vintage Hollywood crooners" (, his "saucy yet heartfelt" debut album, On the Edge, which "takes classic material, turns it upside down, and then spits it out with panache" (Frontiers), was released in 2012. He now resides in Berlin, an experience he shamelessly exploits at, and is the editor of the anthologies "Indecent Exposures," "Daddy Knows Best," "Team Players," "Straight No More," and the upcoming "Blowing Off Class."
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