Tales of Soldiers and Civilians

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März 2016



<p>This revised edition of Ambrose Bierce¿s 1892 collection of "Soldiers" and "Civilians" tales fills a void in American literature. A veteran of the Civil War and a journalist known for his integrity and biting satire, Ambrose Bierce was also a lively short-story writer of considerable depth and power. As San Francisco¿s most famous journalist during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, Bierce was hired by William Randolph Hearst to write a column for <em>San Francisco Examiner,</em> where his "Soldiers" and "Civilians" tales first appeared during the late 1880s.</p><p>By the standards of his day and ours, Bierce¿s journalism was often brilliantly insightful, viciously libelous, petty, and grand, frequently in the space of a single paragraph. This edition reveals the often compelling artistry of Bierce¿s original versions of the tales and the intentionally intricate design and scope of the original collection.</p>

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