Symplasmic Transport in Vascular Plants

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Juli 2013



Concentrates on symplasmic transport of small molecules, although the cell-to-cell transport of macromolecules will also be discussed. This book characterize the efficiency of symplasmic transport, mechanisms of molecule passage via plasmodesmata, and the external and internal factors that regulate plasmodesmatal conductivity. In this context, the book focused on the role of symplasmic domains in plant development, as well as the influence of environmental stresses on the plasmodesmata. Besides cell-to-cell symplasmic transport, the significance of long-distance symplasmic transport of solutes in phloem elements is also reviewed. Symplasmic Transport in Vascular Plants presents the mechanism of phloem transport, the processes of symplasmic loading and unloading, as well as the role of pre- and post-phloem transport, with special attention paid to symplasmic transport in wood. Finally, the relevance of the spread of both macromolecules and viruses, via plasmodesmata, is presented.¿


1. Characteristics of Symplasmic Transport Pawel Sowinski
2. Developmental Control of Plasmodesmata Frequency, Structure, and Function Katrin Ehlers and Maike Große Westerloh
3. Regulation of Intercellular Transport through Plasmodesmata under Abiotic Stresses Anna Bilska
4. Symplasmic Transport in Wood: the Importance of Living Xylem Cells Katarzyna Sokolowska
5. Symplasmic Transport in Phloem Loading and Unloading Johannes Liesche and Alexander Schulz
6. Mechanism of Long-distance Solute Transport in Phloem Elements Craig Atkins
7. Plasmodesmata and Phloem-based Trafficking of Macromolecules Dhinesh Kumar, Ritesh Kumar, Tae Kyung Hyun and Jae-Yean Kim
8. Plasmodesmata: New Perspectives on Old Questions Robyn L. Overall, Danny Y.T. Liu and Deborah A. Barton



Dr. Katarzyna Sokolowska Associate Professor Department of Plant Morphology and Development University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland Dr. Pawel Sowinski Director, Faculty of Biology Institute of Experimental Plant Biology Department of Plant Molecular Ecophysiology University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
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