Surface Models for Geosciences

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Mai 2015



The aim of the conference is to present and discuss new methods, issues and challenges encountered in all parts of the complex process of gradual development and application of digital surface models. This process covers data capture, data generation, storage, model creation, validation, manipulation, utilization and visualization. Each stage requires suitable methods and involves issues that may substantially decrease the value of the model.
Furthermore, the conference provides a platform to discuss the requirements, features and research approaches for 3D modeling, continuous field modeling and other geoscience applications.
The conference covers the following topics:- LIDAR for elevation data- Radar interferometry for elevation data- Surface model creation- Surface model statistics- Surface model storage (including data formats, standardization, database)- Feature extraction- Analysis of surface models- Surface models for hydrology, meteorology, climatology- Surface models for signal spreading- Surface models for geology (structural, mining)- Surface models for environmental science- Surface models for visibility studies- Surface models for urban geography- Surface models for human geography- Uncertainty of surface models and digital terrain analysis- Surface model visual enhancement and rendering


Modelling And Visualising Landscape And Terrain Impacts of Planned Developments.- Morphological Analyses of The Central Slovakia on Base of The Dem.- Surface Classification above Gas Pipeline Facilities.- Rockfall Monitoring Based on Surface Models.- Coping With Integrating Low-Cost 3d Printing and Surface Models: A Case Study on Prusa I3.- Line-of-Sight Derived Indices: Viewing Angle Difference to a Local Horizon and the Difference of Viewing Angle and the Slope of Line of Sight.- Initial Results of a Surface Deformation by Using Insar Techniques: Case Study of Babadag (Denizli), Turkey.- Surveying of Small Water Reservoirs for Water Management Purposes.- Detailed Digital Terrain Models in the Research of Deserted Settlement: Hydrological Modelling and Environment of Settlement Areas.- Dasymetric Mapping of Population Distribution in Serbia Based on Soil Sealing Degrees Layer.


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