Semiotics Continues to Astonish

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Juli 2011



A fully-fledged doctrine of signs, with many horizons for the future, was the result of Thomas A. Sebeok's work in the twentieth century. This volume, using the testimonies of key witnesses and participants in the semiotic project, offers a picture of how Sebeok, through his development of knowledge of endosemiotics, phytosemiotics, biosemiotics and sociosemiotics, enabled semiotics in general to redraw the boundaries of science and the humanities as well as nature and culture.


1;Contents;10 2;Chapter 1. Introduction: Thomas A. Sebeok: Biography and 20th century role;14 3;Part I. Essays;32 3.1;Chapter 2. Tackling Tom, lumper and splitter par excellence;34 3.2;Chapter 3. When anecdotes are no longer what they used to be;44 3.3;Chapter 4. Ethology and the Sebeokian way from zoosemiotics to cyber(bio)semiotics;54 3.4;Chapter 5. Sebeoks panopticon;98 3.5;Chapter 6. The semiotic foundations of knowledge: Remembering Thomas A. Sebeok;128 3.6;Chapter 7. Thomas A. Sebeok and semiotics of the 21st century;136 3.7;Chapter 8. Traduttore traditore?;174 3.8;Chapter 9. Astonishing life;204 3.9;Chapter 10. Semiotics, biology, and the adaptionist theory of literature and the arts;220 3.10;Chapter 11. The architect of biosemiotics: Thomas A. Sebeok and biology;236 3.11;Chapter 12. Toms often neglected other theoretical source;264 3.12;Chapter 13. We got to know his method;294 3.13;Chapter 14. About a master of signs starting from The Sign & Its Masters;306 3.14;Chapter 15. A tribute to Thomas A. Sebeok;320 3.15;Chapter 16. Thomas A. Sebeok, hybrid joke-teller;344 3.16;Chapter 17. Thomas A. Sebeok, a portrait of a Finnougrian semiotician;356 3.17;Chapter 18. Sebok Tamás Identity and integrity;368 3.18;Chapter 19. Birth of a notion;378 3.19;Chapter 20. Thomas A. Sebeok: On semiotics of history and history of semiotics;384 4;Part II. Vignettes and stories;432 4.1;Chapter 21. Ubiquity;434 4.2;Chapter 22. Un Sacco di Cane;438 4.3;Chapter 23. Tom Sebeok, Hoosier;440 4.4;Chapter 24. Tom Sebeok, the man who loved time;444 4.5;Chapter 25. Brief encounters with Thomas A. Sebeok;448 4.6;Chapter 26. Speaking and writing about Thomas A. Sebeok This is a way of thinking;458 4.7;Chapter 27. Summing up: In lieu of an introduction;464 5;Part III. Letters;474 5.1;Chapter 28. Anderson letter of 13 May 2002;472 5.2;Chapter 29. Eco letter of 11 January 2002;478 5.3;Chapter 30. Hamp letter of 2 January 2002;480 5.4;Chapter 31. Remak letter of 24 December 2001;482 5.5;Chapter 32
. Watt letter of 5 January 2002;484 6;Part IV. The Tartu connection;486 6.1;Chapter 33. The Tartu connection: Sebeoks correspondence with Juri Lotman;488 7;Part V. Final resting place;498 8;Part VI. Photographs;502 9;Notes on contributors;518 10;Index;528


Paul Cobley, London Metropolitan University, UK; John Deely, University of St. Thomas, Houston, USA;Kalevi Kull, University of Tartu, Estonia;Susan Petrilli, University of Bari, Italy.


"As an overview of the current status of semiotic understanding, and as apersonal introduction to Thomas A. Sebeok for those unable to meet him prior to his death in 2001, the volume is indispensable. "The dynamic of semiotics is immense in scope," writes Sebeok "seemingly all-encompassing" (1986: x). Since, as Deely brings to our attention (134), even experienced objects presuppose signs, to neglect semiotics is no mere rejection of culture-bound speculation. Thanks in large part to Sebeok's contributions, human understanding now has a viable (and congruent) way to bridge the chasm between nature and culture."Jamin Pelkey in: Linguist List 23.733
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