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Health and the environment are important learning areas in science education and their significance is growing.  Not only do they have high social relevance, but they are also close to students' interests and needs. They provide many opportunities to unlock science with questions that are personally relevant to boys and girls and that inspire them to engage in science. This book contains a selection of papers from prominent professionals in science, health and environmental education, who reflect on science education, each from their specific point of view. The core idea is to present well-founded perspectives on how science education may benefit from challenges stemming from both health and environmental education. Specific reasons are discussed as to why these two areas are particularly legitimized to challenge science education, and their potential impact on a revision of science education is evaluated.A new pedagogy for science¿environment¿health that yields interesting and relevant science education for students and teachers, and addresses the grand challenges of this century: what an attractive and rewarding project! The book will motivate teachers, teacher educators and science education researchers to take part in this on-going project.


1. Introduction, Albert Zeyer, Regula Kyburz-Graber.- Part I: Challenges of Health and Environment Education to Science Education.-
2. Preparing citizens for a complex world: The grand challenge of teaching socio-scientific issues in science education, Peter J. Fensham.-
3. Socio-scientific Views on Environment and Health as Challenges to Science Education (Regula Kyburz-Graber).- Vignette 3: DINOS: Discussing the Nature of Science - A video-based research study on the process and content of students' small-group discussions in specific learning arrangements, Balz Wolfensberger, Claudia Canella, Jolanda Piniel, Regula Kyburz-Graber.-
4. Scientific Literacy in Environmental and Health Education, Rodger W. Bybee.-
5. The Concept of Health Literacy, Peter J. Schulz, Kent Nakamoto.- Part II: Responding to Challenges of Health and Environmental Education.-
6. Science, environment and health education: towards a reconceptualisation of their mutual interdependences, Justin Dillon.-
7. Creating Spaces for Rethinking School Science: Perspectives from Subjective and Social-Relational ways of Knowing, Paul Hart.-
8. General and Environmental Health as the Context for Science Education, Alla Keselman, Savreen Hundal, Catherine Arnott Smith.-
9. A win-win situation for health and science education: Seeing through the lens of a new framework model of health literacy, A. Zeyer.- Vignette 1: X-ray photographs in the classroom, Toni Müller, Albert Zeyer.- Vignette 2: kidsINNscience. Innovation in Science Education - Turning Kids on to Science, Christine Gerloff, Karin Büchel.-
10. Concluding chapter: Revising science teaching: Responding to challenges of health and environmental education, Albert Zeyer, Regula Kyburz-Graber.

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