SAGE Handbook of Housing Studies

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April 2012



Cross-disciplinary and critical in its approach, The SAGE Handbook of Housing Studies is an elucidating look at the key issues within the field.It covers the study of housing retrospectively, but also analyses the future directions of research and theory, demonstrating how it can contribute to wider debates in the social sciences. A comprehensive introductory chapter is followed by four parts offering complete coverage of the area:
  • Markets: examines the perception of housing markets, how they function in different contexts, and the importance of housing behaviour and neighbourhoods
  • Approaches: looks at how other disciplines - economics, geography, and sociology - have informed the direction of housing studies
  • Context: traces the interactions between housing studies and other aspects of society, providing context to debate housing through issues of space, social, welfare and the environment.
  • Policy: is a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive take on the major policy issues and the causes and possible solutions of housing problems such as regeneration and homelessness.
Edited by leading names in the field and including international contributions, the book is a stimulating, wide-ranging read that will be an invaluable resource for academics and researchers in geography, urban studies, sociology, social policy, economics and politics.


Understanding Housing Markets: Real Progress or Stalled Agendas? - Duncan MacLennan
House-Building and Housing Supply - Michael Ball
Housing Behaviour - Maarten van Ham
Residential Mobility and the Housing Market - William A.V. Clark
Neighbourhoods and Their Role in Creating and Changing Housing - George Galster
The Neo-Liberal Legacy to Housing Research - Christine M. E. Whitehead
Institutional Economics - Kenneth Gibb
Social Geographic Interpretations of Housing Spaces - Tim Butler and Chris Hamnett
Social Policy Approaches to Housing Research - David Clapham
Social Constructionism and beyond in Housing Research - David Clapham
A Review of Structurally Inspired Approaches in Housing Studies: Concepts, Contributions and Future Perspectives - Julie Lawson
Housing Politics and Political Science - Bo Bengtsson
People: Environment Studies - Roderick Lawrence
PART THREE: CONTEXT - William A. V. Clark
Housing and the Economy - Geoffrey Meen
Housing and Welfare Regimes - Walter Matznetter and Alexis Mundt
Housing Markets, the Life Course and Migration up and down the Urban Hierarchy - Christopher Bitter and David A. Plane
Housing and Social Life - Ray Forrest
Housing: From Low Energy to Zero Carbon - Phillip Jones
Homelessness - Suzanne Fitzpatrick
Affordable Housing - Chris Leishman and Steven Rowley
Housing Subsidies - Judith Yates
Ethnic Residential Segregation: Reflections on Concepts, Levels and Effects - Sako Musterd
Social Consequences of Residential Segregation and Mixed Neighbourhoods - Ronald van Kempen and Gideon Bolt
Managing Social Housing - Hugo Priemus
Conclusion - David Clapham

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