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April 2015



This book discusses issues regarding conceptualization, governance and implementation of responsible innovation. It treats different approaches to making responsible innovation a reality and it contains new case studies that illustrate challenges and solutions. Research on Responsible Innovation is by its nature highly multidisciplinary, and also pro-active, design-oriented and policy-relevant. Until a few years back, the concept of Responsible Innovation was hardly used - nowadays it is increasingly receiving attention from both researchers and policy makers. This is indispensable reading for anyone interested in or working on innovation.


1 The Concepts, Approaches, and Applications of Responsible Innovation. An Introduction (Bert-Jaap Koops)
Part I. Conceptualisation - understandingresponsible innovation.- 2 The Emerging Concept of Responsible Innovation. Three Reasons why it is Questionable and Calls for a Radical Transformation of the Concept of Innovation; Vincent Blok, Pieter Lemmens.- 3. Responsible Innovation in the US, UK and Denmark: Governance Landscapes;Sarah R. Davies & Maja Horst.- 4. Exploring Responsible Innovation as a Guiding Concept: The case of neuroimaging in justice and security; Marije de Jong, Anneloes Roelofsen, Frank Kupper, Jacqueline Broerse.-
Part II. Approaches - implementing and reflecting on responsible innovation.- 5. Responsible management of social experiments: Challenges for policymaking; Zoë Robaey, Arno Simons.- 6. The Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT: Identifying Problems and Sharing Good Practice; Bernd Carsten Stahl, Grace Eden, Catherine Flick, Marina Jirotka, Quang A. Nguyen, Job Timmermans.- 7. With Cognitive Enhancement Comes Great Responsibility?; Hannah Maslen, Filippo Santoni de Sio and Nadira Faulmüller.- 8. Neuroimaging and personalized learning: value reflection with societal stakeholders; Rosanne Edelenbosch, Frank Kupper, Jacqueline Broerse.- 9. Natural Food. Organizing 'responsiveness' in responsible innovation of food technology; Dirk Haen, Petra Sneijder, Hedwig te Molder, Tsjalling Swierstra.- 10. Responsible Innovation in Energy Projects: Values in the Design of Technologies, Institutions and Stakeholder Interactions; Aad Correljé, Eefje Cuppen, Marloes Dignum, Udo Pesch & Behnam Taebi.- 11. Capacities, Development and Responsible Innovation; J.O. Kroesen, R. Darson, D.J. Ndegwah.-
Part III. Applications - Case studies in responsible innovation.- 12. Responsible innovation in practice: The adoption of solar PV in telecom towers in Indonesia; Andri D. Setiawan, Rajbeer Singh.- 13. Responsible Innovation in Social Epistemic Systems: The Legal Trial and the P300 Memory Detection Test;John Danaher.- 14. Morally responsible decision making in networked military operations; Christine Boshuijzen-van Burken& Bart van Bezooijen.- 15. Biofuels; sustainable innovation or gold rush?; Annelies Balkema & Auke Pols.


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