Reengineering Revolution

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Januar 2000



The Reengineering Revolution reviews the significance of the Business Process Reengineering trend for management practice since the early 1990's.

Combining empirical and theoretical perspectives, David Knights and Hugh Willmott show how both term and practice shaped the recent widely adopted policies of `downsizing', restructuring and emphasis on `process' rather than task.

Well-known contributors analyze the impact of Business Process Reengineering in a number of settings: supermarkets and the food chain; the public sector; banks.

The theoretical history of Business Process Reengineering is also detailed in relation to ideas about bureaucracy, hierarchy, transformation and design.


The Reengineering Revolution? - David Knights and Hugh Willmott
An Introduction
Now Where Were We? - Keith Grint and Peter Case
BPR Lotus-Eaters and Corporate Amnesia
Dedicated Followers of Fashion - Matthew Jones and Richard Thwaites
BPR and the Public Sector
`Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made of' - Darren McCabe and David Knights
BPR Up against the Wall of Functionalism, Hierarchy and Specialization
Reengineering the Food Chains - Jenifer Frances and Elizabeth Garnsey
A Systems Perspective on UK Supermarkets and BPR
Business Process Re-Engineering and `The New Organization' - S[sl]oren Peter Gunge
What about the Workers? - Gregor Gall
BPR, Trade Unions and the Emiseration of Labour
BPR and TQM - Minhaela Kelemen, Paul Forrester and John Hassard
Divergence or Convergence?
Reengineering and the Search for Business Salvation - Robin Fincham

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