Real Estate Investment Trusts in Europe

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Dezember 2013



Shortly before of the beginning of the global financial crisis of 2008 REITs were introduced in several European countries based on their success in mature markets like the US, Australia and some Asian countries. While the history of REITs in Europe has been relatively brief, REITs are well on the way to become an industry standard as a real estate investment financial vehicle not only in Europe but throughout the developed world. This book provides both academics and decision makers an introduction to the economics of REITs beyond tax transparency, an overview of the mature REITs markets, and a closer reflection of the development of different REIT-structures in Europe including the history, regulation and markets of each country.


Part A: Setting the Context.-
Part B: The experience of Mature REIT Markets.-
Part C: European REIT's.



From the book reviews:

'The book is a very useful overview of the substantial challenges and transitions the industry is facing, particularly in Europe, and goes beyond the question of tax transparency for the benefit of the interested reader. Therefore, it is a must-read for everyone in the related industry and Europe and again a very fruitful contribution from the two editors to this topic.' (Tobias Pfeffer, ZIÖ Zeitschrift für Immobilienökonomie, Journal of Interdisciplinary Property Research, Issue 1, 2014)

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