Radiology in Global Health

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Juli 2014



The World Health Organization stated that approximately two-thirds of the world's population lacks adequate access to medical imaging. The scarcity of imaging services in developing regions contributes to a widening disparity of health care and limits global public health programs that require imaging. Radiology is an important component of many global health programs, including those that address tuberculosis, AIDS-related disease, trauma, occupational and environmental exposures, breast cancer screening, and maternal-infant health care. There is a growing need for medical imaging in global health efforts and humanitarian outreach, particularly as an increasing number of academic, government, and non-governmental organizations expand delivery of health care to disadvantaged people worldwide. To systematically deploy clinical imaging services to low-resource settings requires contributions from a variety of disciplines such as clinical radiology, epidemiology, public health, finance, radiation physics, information technology, engineering, and others. This book will review critical concepts for those interested in managing, establishing, or participating in a medical imaging program for resource-limited environments and diverse cross-cultural contexts undergoing imaging technology adaptation.


1: Introduction.-
2: Radiology Overview: Defining Radiology and Stakeholders in the Radiology Enterprise.-
3: Access to Imaging Technology in the Developing World.-
4: Radiology Readiness, Research and Relationship Development.-
5: Economics of Sustainable Radiology in the Developing World.- Medical Imaging in the Global Public Health: Donation, Procurement, Installation, and Maintenance.- 7: Medical Imaging Safety in the Developing World.- 8: Information Technology in Global Health Radiology.- 9: Technologists' Role in Global Health Radiology.- 10: Cultural Competancy in International Health Program Collaboration.- 11: Educational Strategies and Volunteering in Global Health Radiology.- 12: Legal Nonprofit Planning.- 13: Diagnostic Imaging for Global Health: Implementation and Optimization of Radiology in the Developing World.- 14: Public Health and International Epidemiology for Radiology.- 15: Disaster Response.- 16: Infectious Disease Imaging.- 17: Interventional Procedures for Global Health Radiology.- 18: Cardiovascular Imaging in Global Health Radiology.- 19: Pediatric Imaging in Global Health Radiology.- 20: Prenatal Maternal-Fetal Imaging for Global Health Radiology.- 21: Trauma Imaging in Global Health Radiology.- 22: Women's Imaging in Global Health Radiology.


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