Radiological Safety and Quality

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November 2013



This book is the product of a unique collaboration by experts from leading international, regional and national agencies and professional organizations discussing on the current 'hot' issue on the judicious use and safety of radiation in radiology. There have been several cases involving radiation overexposure that have received international attention. Strategies and solutions to guide readers how to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks when using radiation in medicine are covered.


Preface Foreword Authors Acknowledgement Table of Contents
Section I: Radiological Safety and Quality
Radiological Safety and Quality - Paradigms in Leadership and Innovation; LS Lau, KH Ng
How Radiation Protection Influences Quality in Radiology; E Vano, KH Ng, LS Lau
Dose Assessment in the Management of Patient Protection in Diagnostic and Intervention Radiology; PC Shrimpton, KH Ng
Monitoring of Medical Radiation Exposure for Individuals; DP Frush, R Morin R, M Rehani
UNSCEAR: Analyzing Population Survey Data for Collaborative Development of Evidence-based Radiation Protection Policies; F Shannoun, M Crick
Section II: Procedure Justification, Protection Optimization, and Error Reduction
National, Regional and Global Radiology and Medical Imaging Referral Guidelines: Issues and Opportunities; LS Lau
Use of Imaging Appropriateness Criteria for Decision Support During Radiology Order Entry: The MGH Experience; CL Sistrom, JB Weilburg, DI Rosenthal, KJ Dreyer KJ, JH Thrall
Use of Referral Guidelines as a Justification Tool: National Perspective; O Luxenburg, E Shelly, M Margalit
Team Approach to Optimize Radiology Techniques; R George, LS Lau, KH Ng
Advances in Technological Design to Optimize Exposure and Improve Image Quality; DF Gutierrez Rios, H Zaidi
System for Reporting and Analyzing Incidents; C Mandel, W Runciman
Section III: Infrastructure Improvements
Promoting Public Awareness and Communicating Radiation Safety; T Berris, M Rehani
Sustaining Praxis: Quality Assurance of Education and Training programmes of the IAEA's Division of Human Health; S Ros, TNB Pascual, RK Chhem
Professional and Regulatory Collaborations to Ensure Competency; LM Kenny
Safety and Radiation Protection Culture; K Classic, B Le Guen, K Kase, R Vetter
Improving Quality Through Lean Process Improvement: The Example of Clinical Decision Support; L Glenn, CC Blackmore
Clinical Audit and Practice Accreditation; H Järvinen, P Wilcox
The International Basic Safety Standards and Their Application in Medical Imaging; J Le Heron, C Borras
International Clinical Teleradiology: Potential Risks and Safeguards; AK Dixon, AV Moore
Section IV: Global, Regional and National Challenges, Actions and Opportunities
Leadership and Innovations to Improve Quality Imaging and Radiation Safety in Africa; M Kawooya, A Hammou, HA Gharbi, LS Lau
Leadership and Innovations to Improve Quality Radiology and Radiation Safety in China: Regional, National and Global Perspectives; B Song, WT Wu, XY Feng, LS Lau
Status of Medical Diagnostic Radiation Safety in Korea; DW Sung, BI Choi
Euratom Initiatives and Perspective on Advancing Radiation Protection in Radiology; G Simeonov, R Baranczyk, A Janssens
Bridging the Radiological Healthcare Divide with Social Entrepreneurship; ELM Ho
From Volume to Outcomes: The Evolution of Paying for Performance in Medical Imaging; R Duszak Jr, E Silva III
Global System-based Quality Improvement in Radiation Medicine and Medical Imaging; LS Lau



From the book reviews:

'A most welcome addition to the body of literature about radiologic quality and safety that is both comprehensive and timely. ' this volume contains large sections that would be relevant and useful for a wide spectrum of medical professionals ranging from radiologists as policy makers, quality safety officers, or administrators to radiation physicists, allied health professionals, or institutional administrators involved in radiation and medical imaging utilization policy, whether their responsibilities are confined to a single imaging center or extend internationally.' (Gerald M. Legiehn, Radiology, Vol. 273 (2), November, 2014)

'This edited book addresses fundamental radiological safety and quality principles in medical imaging. ' Several groups should find this book educational, including students, experienced clinical leaders, and stakeholders in radiology, radiography, medical physics, health physics, patient safety, administration, regulatory authorities, professional organizations and agencies. The book is superbly edited with chapters written as a unique collaboration of experts from leading international agencies and professional organizations, appropriately qualified for the topics.' (Lawrence T. Dauer, Doody's Book Reviews, April, 2014)

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