Pre-Analytics of Pathological Specimens in Oncology

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Januar 2015



This book presents an overview of the most important current developments in the pre-analytical handling of tissue. It addresses in particular potential ways to improve the situation whereby methods employed in the pre-analytical phase - the period from surgical removal of tissue to the start of pathological processing - have remained essentially unchanged for decades with only modest standardization. It is examined how the pre-analytical period can be optimized, resulting not only in an increase in diagnostic quality but also in a reduction in processing time and costs. Among the key topics examined are the so-called cold ischemia time between tissue removal and fixation, the potential superiority of vacuum-based preservation over immediate formalin fixation, two-temperature fixation, molecular analysis methods, and the pre-analytics of specimens from particular tissues. Readers will find this book to be an important update that reveals the full importance of the pre-analytical phase for quality of pathological work-up.


What Is Pre-Analytics in Surgical Pathology? .
Histologic Validation of Vacuum Sealed Formalin.
Free Tissue Preservation and Transport System .
Pre-Analytics and Molecular Pathology.
Experiences in Vacuum Preparation of Routine Specimens.
Tissue Heterogeneity as a Pre-Analytical Source of Variability.
Vacuum Fixation of Breast Specimens Before Grossing.
How Do Short Fixation and Rapid Microwave Processing Affect Her2 Testing?.
Current Projects in Pre-Analytics - Where to Go?.
Nucleic Acid Extraction from FFPE Tissue as Critical Preanalytic Step for NGS Applications.
Experiences With Pre-Analytics of Lung Specimen.
Experiences With Pre-Analytics of GI-Specimen.
Bone Marrow Work-Up.
Two-Temperature Fixation Preserves Activation Status with High Efficiency.
Towards the Lean Lab. The Industry Challenge.  ¿


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